EcoStardust Bamboo Glitter Brush Set

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Glitter Brush Set! Keep your glittery brushes separate from your Make up brush set.

Perfect for applying glitter in big areas across your body, or smaller areas on the face around the eyes.

A 5-piece brush collection which is completely vegan (no animal hair used), with stylish aluminium and bamboo handles. 

Our EcoStardust brush set with eco-friendly bamboo handles and soft synthetic bristles, to seamlessly create stunning glitter looks by layering up blends, as well as different colours and sizes. 


Large Glitter Brush: large head and dual-length bristles provide lightweight application of fine and standard glitter to areas such as shoulders, collar bones. It can also be used for generously applying the chunkiest sizes into hair or beards. 

Large Balm Brush: apply stripes of eco-glitter, or balm to specific areas. Soft, flat bristles but for better precision. 

Small Glitter Brush: Tapered round bristles for max glitter pickup and even distribution of glitter. Use to layer up different colours, or sizes starting with the largest and getting smaller; Ultra Chunky - Standard.

Angled Glitter Brush: Angled cut for smaller, more precise, areas of glitter around the eyes or face.

Small Balm Brush: Short, dense bristles diffuse to apply glitter balm to smaller areas such as the eye lids, or to draw more intricate patterns. 

Clean weekly for best results and to avoid mixing glitters!

**Bags are no longer available. Price is for brushes only**

For more information please see our supplier page here

If you have purchased a brush set and didn't get the bag please let us know and we will send you a voucher code to get one with your next glitter order. 

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