Plastic Glitter Amnesty!

Send us your plastic glitter for 15% off your next order!

We love the fact that people are starting to switch to biodegradable glitter, it makes us happy to know that less plastic will end up in our rivers and oceans and of course by buying from us you're helping Eco Warriors campaign against single use plastic, such as Surfers Against Sewage. 

BUT - we know, that a few years ago - eco-glitter wasn't such a big thing, we would sip on a cocktail in a plastic cup using a plastic straw with, heaven forbid, plastic glitter on our faces, in our hair and all over our bodies in an ignorant bliss!

Then we realised it was bad, really bad, for the environment and David Attenborough gave everyone a stern talking to and we saw the error of our ways!

So we know, because we did it ourselves, that all glitter lovers have bought the plastic stuff and most likely still have it somewhere guiltily stashed away! It's too pretty to throw away, and anyway, throwing it away would be detrimental to our cause. And you can't wear it, because then, well - it would get washed off into the sea and damn, we're back to square one!

So here's a few things to do with your old plastic glitter!

1. SEND IT TO US - we're starting a GLITTER AMNESTY

Anyone who sends us their plastic glitter will receive a 15% off voucher to use in our online store. We're working on a wonderfully sparkly project to demonstrate the evilness of plastic glitter and the heroes that are making the switch, which we will parade around at festivals and events. Rest assured it will be made with the upmost care to make sure that all the glitter is kept concealed so it can't fall off and onto the grass/floor. 

If you are interested please send it to our Bristol office:

Unit 14
Easton Business Centre

Attach a note with your name and email address and we'll send you the discount code one we've received it. We'll keep you posted via our social channels on how the project is going. 

2. Use it CAREFULLY in arts and crafts...

Glitter is great for all sorts, of course, looking fabulous but also in make some really cool decorative pieces. If you're using the plastic glitter and encasing it in glue it will last longer and will be less likely to be washed away or end up in landfill. 

The best thing to encase it is resin but that's not always that easily available. See below for these wonderful mermaid charms by our friends at View Of the Sea, a Cornish company which use items from the coastline to make jewellery and other pretty things.


Alternatively, you could use clear nail polish or PVA glue, or a clear wood varnish. The main thing to remember it to make sure it's contained and won't drop off. That way, whatever you've made will stay sparkling for longer and you'll be able to appreciate it knowing that it's out of harms reach from hungry bugs, fish and birds which might see it as food if it was in nature. 

We suggest decorating indoor plant pots, painting sea shells, making a glittery mask for a party or maybe even covering a box to make a pretty jewellery box.

We'd love to see some of your arts and crafts projects which use up your old plastic glitter - so send us photos to customerservices@ecostardust.com or tag us on Instagram or Facebook @ecostardust

Another really cool way to use up plastic glitter is to make a sensory glitter bottle - kids and babies love them as they look truly magical and they're especially popular with autistic children because of the calming effect of the movement of the glitter. 

Stay tuned for a tutorial on how to make them! ...coming soon! (in the mean time there are lots of good youtube videos out there)

Again, we'd love to see your creations, any that are utterly superb will be awarded with a 15% discount code to use in our online store!