Party Season Looks for the Office Party

✨ Need some glitter inspo? We've got ya'! ✨ 

Whether your office party is happening next year, or online via Zoom you can still dress up and have fun. We've got some amazing looks for you, all created with Biodegradable Glitter so you can shine responsibly and guilt free this Party Season.

 Let's #GlitterWithoutTheLitter

Tameisha wears Moonshine,Unicorn Dreams and Sterling Bioglitters on her eyes and 

tapers out the glitter around the eyes to create a cat-eye effect!

Sequin jumpsuit from Instagram @ladyjanebristol

Cerys's cat-like sparkly look was created using Astrid in the outer corner and 

Gold Digger in the inner corner.

Maxing out the whole Golden Glow set, Tameisha has Sparkler Bioglitter in her inner corners, Cinnamon Spice 

in the middle of her lid and Hot Chocolate on the outer corners to create a gradient-like effect. 

Chloe's silver wing look using Sterling is a versatile way to glam up any outfit!

Instagram: @chloejanemua

You know you had a good night when you wake up with Ultra Chunky Champagne Pink in 

your hair! You could also use our Beard and Braid Bundle to recreate this look with a glitter 

blend of your choice!

Instagram: @asos_faceandbody

This pinky look by Amber gives us some serious party vibes. She's rocking 

Berry Burst on her eyes and it looks fab!

Instagram: @_glamber

Makeup artist, Sally Watterston, created disco eyes with Sterling Bioglitter for the 

gorgeous Alondra Martinex of V5 from The X Factor. 

Instagram: @sallywatterston@itsalondramartinez

Nothing better than a little matchy matchy!

Tameisha coordinates Rose Gold Bioglitter to match her shimmery rose gold dress.

If you're feeling particularly sparkly, this look using a combination of 

Kiss My Disco and Sterling Bioglitter and highlights your shoulders 

and chest making you look like a sparkly dancing queen!

Sequin jumpsuit from Instagram @ladyjanebristol

Please tag us in your creations and recreations as we'd love to see what you'll create with our sustainable sparkles!

#ecostardust for a chance to win our monthly photo competition on Instagram.