Our packaging is something we look into very regularly and has caused many a headache amongst the team.

We are promoting a biodegradable glitter which customers can use instead of plastic glitter but then we put it in a plastic jar. We understand the juxtaposition of this and it is something we debate regularly.

We have looked at using glass jars, however, there has been breakages, we have also heard of festivals not allowing any glass on site at all and we don't want our customers having their glitter taken off them at the gate. Also, glass jars are larger and heavier so use more fuel and produce more emissions when posted and postage also costs more for our customers. We have to use boxes instead of our eco envelopes and then pad them out with filler so the glass doesn't break in transit.

We have spent hours trying to find jars like the ones we use but in biodegradable form, however, it seems although the plastic industry is producing a lot more biodegradable plastics, we haven't been able to find something that suits our requirements. We found a compound which can be put into the plastic jars when being manufactured which makes them break down much faster than normal but are yet to find a manufacturer willing to do this for us. We will keep looking though.

At the moment, the debate continues about the best way to package the glitter, however, the jars we send can be reused with our reuse and recycling scheme.

Our Reuse and Recycle Scheme

You can purchase refills for your pots from our website. Refills are cheaper than buying pots again and either come in a recyclable bag or soon biodegradable bags. Therefore you can keep your pots and just keep buying refills!