Our Packaging Explained

How we package your orders is important to us. We are committed to only using necessary packaging and using recycled and easily recycled materials. Here this page explains our different packaging options and how we ship your orders to you.

Our aluminium tins

Our ultra light weight aluminium tins. Made from aluminium with a glass window. Unlike plastic packaging it is less bulky, your tin may look small but there is a lot packed in there.

These are super light so they don't cost lots to ship meaning we can pass on savings to you, it also means they don't weigh down your handbag.

Once finished with, you can separate the window from the lid and recycle it or keep as a handy little pot to reuse.

New Aluminium Tins
Our recycled card boxes

Our card boxes

Allour tins of glitters come in a cardboard box made from either recycledmaterial or FSC card, printed with vegetable base inks and finished witha water base varnish.

Our biodegradable grip seal bags

Ourgreen line grip seal bags are also biodegradable! Great for takingglitter to festivals. All our bulk glitter is sold in these.

Once finished with please dispose of in your normal trash.

biodegradable grip seal bags