Non-Bioglitter® Amnesty

Send us your non-Bioglitter® and see it upcycled into something new


Step 1

 Find your Non-Bioglitter®

e.g. Plastic craft glitter, holographic, funky shaped glitter

Post to EcoStardust

Step 2. 

Post it to us at EcoStardust HQ

Address below/in website footer

EcoStardust Voucher

Step 3. 

Receive a 15% discount code to use on our website to stock up on Bioglitter®

EcoStardust Upcycle your glitter

Step 4.

EcoStardust upcycle your glitter into something amazing

We love the fact that people are starting to switch to biodegradable glitter and it makes us happy to know that less plastic will end up in our rivers and oceans BUT we know, that a few years ago eco-glitter wasn't such a big thing. We would sip on a cocktail in a plastic cup using a plastic straw with, heaven forbid, non-biodegradable, plastic glitter, on our faces, in our hair and all over our bodies in an ignorant bliss! 

 Then we realised it was bad, really bad, for the environment and David Attenborough gave everyone a stern talking to and we saw the error of our ways! So we know, because we did it ourselves, that all glitter lovers have bought the non-bio stuff and most likely still have it somewhere guiltily stashed away! Hence #GuiltyGlitter

It is too pretty to throw away, and anyway, throwing it away would be detrimental to our cause. And you can't wear it, because then, well - it would get washed off into the sea and damn, we're back to square one! 

Plastic Glitter
Heart Shaped Plastic Confetti
Plastic Non Biodegradable Glitter
Plastic Glitter

So we started a Non Bioglitter® Amnesty

  Anyone who sends us their non-biodegradable glitter will receive a 15% off voucher to use in our online store

and of course by buying from us you're helping the the fight against single use plastic, and charities that campaign on climate change as Surfers Against Sewage and City to Sea. 

If you are interested please send it to our Somerset office: 


7 Bridge Barns

Long Sutton


TA10 9PZ

Attach a note with your name and email address and we'll send you the discount code once we have received your parcel. 

We'll keep you posted via our social channels on how the project is going. We'll be taking photos of the process as we go but please use the hashtags #byebyenonbio or #guiltyglitter on socials if you want to post about the scheme. 

PLEASE NOTE - We can only accept loose glitter and cannot accept glitter gels, makeup or greeting/Christmas cards.


Turquoise Non Bioglitter Earrings
Pink Non Bioglitter Heart Earrings
Blue Circle Non Bioglitter Earrings
Non bioglitter star earrings

How can I tell if my glitter is non-bio?
  • It is any shape other than hexagons. So hearts, stars or circles are always non-bio.

  • The colours - There's some overlap here but BioGlitter® Sparkle does not come in copper or orange

  • If it is not purchased from a licensed reseller who does not have the below logos on their website or packaging.

Cosmetic Bioglitter Sparkle
Cosmetic Bioglitter Pure
Made with Cosmetic Bioglitter Logo

Do you have a project which could use our #GuiltyGlitter?

Then please let us know by emailing

We have lots of glitter as new batches are being sent in all the time, and we are always looking for new collaborations or crafty projects. 

The glitter must be used in a responsible way! - It needs to be stuck to something permanently or incased.