Join us!

We are recruiting more Glitter Artists!

We need a team of Glitter Artists which we can reach out to for various events. There is no commitment to work every event. Therefore we are looking to expand our team and want to hear from you.

Glitter Artist

We are looking for fun, confident and vibrant people to travel with us to events and cover people in eco-glitter.

What's required:

  • Experience of applying glitter/face/body paint in a professional setting (if you don't have experience in a formal setting then please provide additional examples of your work)
  • Ability to create custom glitter looks upon request.
  • Ability to work quickly and maintain high standards.
  • Ability to travel (if you can get to Bristol then we are happy for you to travel with us to events from here)

In return, you will be paid for your work, you will get to travel to some amazing events and festivals with us. You will expand your experience on your CV and you will get to make some new amazing friends on the way.

If you are interested, please send a CV and some examples of your work to

Applications - always open