Steps to apply your Eco-Glitter

Follow these simple steps which will tell you how to apply your new eco-glitter and how best to remove it. 

All our glitter is suitable for hair, body and face. 

We recommend only using approved cosmetic balms or adhesives such as un-petroleum jelly which can be bought here.

Step 1.

Apply a small amount of clear lip-balm or cosmetic adhesive to the desired area and then apply the glitter on top with either your finger or a makeup brush.

Step 2.

Then using your finger or a clean makeup brush, dab the glitter on top and then you're ready to sparkle.

Step 3.

To remove, simply was away with warm water and soap, or use your normal makeup remover.



Apply EcoStardust balm (coming soon) or your chosen cosmetic balm (un-petroleum jelly, lip balm or Aloe Vera gel all work) to the desired are and apply the glitter on top as per the instructions above.


Same steps as face, however you may want to use a larger brush to cover a bigger area.


Apply hair gel to the desired area (along your roots is a great place) and then apply the glitter on top. Just shampoo your hair to remove it.

Safety Information

  • Do not apply to damaged or inflamed skin
  • Not recommended for use around the eyes
  • If product gets in to eyes, rinse eyes immediately with water. If problems persist then seek medical attention.
  • Although our glitter is free from the 14 most common allergens, including gluten, we recommend performing a patch test before use.