Hire our Eco Glitter Bar

Hire our Eco-Glitter Bar for your party, event, or wedding.

You can hire our glitter bar and one of our glitter makeup artists can attend and help cover all your party guests in glitter. 

EcoStardust Glitter Bar Pots

What it includes...

Packages can be built to your requirements but normally include:

  • Table with rose gold sequin cover
  • Large jars of our whole collection 
  • Mixing trays 
  • Mirrors 
  • Brushes 
  • Cleaning fluid 
  • Application gel 
  • Gems 
  • Sparkly and beautiful table props 
  • A Glitter Artists will create beautiful glitter looks for all your guests.

How to request a bespoke quote...

Please email us via [email protected] and answer all the following questions in your email so we can send you a personalised quote, or please complete the form at the bottom of the page.

  • Date of Event 
  • Location 
  • Start Glitter Time 
  • End Glitter Time (min 2 hours) 
  • No. of people attending 
  • No. of artists required (leave this out if you are unsure)

ecostardust glitter bar glitter artist

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