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What is biodegradable glitter made from?

Non-GMO eucalyptus trees which have been sustainably farmed, however, it still has the same reflective properties as conventional glitter.

What is conventional glitter made from?

Plastic which can sometimes contain harsh chemicals which you don’t really want to be putting on your skin. Also if you wash this down the drain it may end up in the sea. Our glitter has been created to marine and wastewater safe standards and is vegan.

How do I apply biodegradable glitter?

There are many ways to apply biodegradable glitter. Just pop something like beeswax, coconut oil, aloe vera gel, shea butter or un-petroleum jelly on wherever you want the glitter to stick and then dab the glitter on top. For a more long-lasting look we use eyelash glue ;) You will wake up the next day with ALL your look still in place if you do this.

Has biodegradable glitter been tested on animals?

No, our biodegradable glitter is not tested on animals and is Vegan-friendly.

Is your glitter only for us on the skin?

It is cosmetic grade so suitable for us on the face, body and hair, however, it can also be used in craft projects if you wish.

Why do you use plastic pots?

We use plastic pots at present as they are lightweight and easy for posting and are completely reusable! Once you have bought a colour, next time simply purchase a refill glitter instead and this way you are recycling your pot.

Is it as good as traditional glitter?

It is soo much better! It still has the same reflective properties as traditional glitter and is made with the same precision cutting techniques however it is good for the environment. This is premium grade cosmetic glitter and we find it actually feels very soft and is much more delicate on the skin.

How does it biodegrade?

If you leave your glitter in a warm, moist and oxygenated environment then it will begin to biodegrade, the rate depends on the mixture of these factors. Keep your EcoStardust in its pot or bag and it will last fine.

Which Charities do you support?

We don’t work with one charity as there are many we want to support. 10% of profits go to environmental charities which we may vary from time to time. If you know of any charities we can work with/support then please email the team at [email protected]. We love to connect with any sparkly eco-conscious people.

Do you do wholesale/large orders?

We can process orders of any size, just ping us an email at [email protected] and we will do what we can to help.