Founder - Kath Senior

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Our mission is to promote joy and spread happiness through our vibrant and high quality products whilst raising awareness of environmental issues and giving back to the world. We balance people, product and planet to ensure we serve all three.

  • Spread happiness and bring people together 
  • High quality, premium products 
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly 
  • Vegan and cruelty free


We are honoured to have won the Blue Patch New Business Award: For new businesses creating products or providing services (under 2 years old). 

Blue Patch is dedicated to social and environmental good, supported by members and Patrons. A selective showcase for exceptional businesses, Blue Patch is also a collaborative members network. As a social enterprise* 100% of Blue Patch’s surplus profit funds renewable energy, conservation and community projects.


We are working to limit our impact on the environment in everything that we do, not just in the final product that you may see on the shelves. We attend local beach cleans, do impromptu litter picking when we go for walks, visit waste disposal sites to learn more in our free time and build EcoBricks with any plastic waste which we may have in the office. Even buying a new mop and bucket led to a mission to find the most ethical mop and bucket we could find!


We are always on the look out for new and upcoming talent, whether that's people to join Head Office or talented Glitter Artists to cover our events.