Bio-Glitter® Pure Range

Coming soon!

EcoStardust Biodegradable Glitter Pure is coming soon!

We're super excited for a new and improved glitter recipe coming out; which breaks down much faster and biodegrades to a much higher standard than our current biodegradable glitter. Based on natural materials Cosmetic Bioglitter® PURE is a groundbreaking product which officially certified OK Biodegradable WATER by TÜV. Meaning Bioglitter® PURE is guaranteed to biodegrade in natural environments. 

We'll be ordering in the Bioglitter® PURE Range as soon as we can and have it for sale as soon as possible!

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How does the Pure Range differ to the Biodegradable Glitter already on the market?

Well, the biodegradable glitter that's already out is fantastic and loads better for the environment than traditional plastic glitter but it's not perfect. It's 92% perfect! But still contains 8% ingredients which wont biodegrade, this includes a very thin layer of aluminium (amongst other things), which makes it shiny - the Pure range, doesn't include aluminium so is less reflective, and more iridescent in appearance. As soon as we have more details and full specs from our supplier we'll let you know!

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