Rochfort Custom Resin Glitter Earrings - Green and Purple Glitter Disco Balls

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Earrings - Green and Purple glitter disco balls

Approx 5cm long, and 10mm deep.

  • Handmade in Cornwall by an independent surfboard making company
  • Made of plastic glitter (saved from entering the natural environment) and up-cycled resin
  • Comes in gift wrapping
  • Made with sterling silver earring hooks

Glittery Jewellery from our collaboration with Rochfort Customs.

The results of our Non Bioglitter® Amnesty! You guys donated your #guiltyglitter (the traditional plastic glitter) and we upcycled into fabulous jewellery so it can be enjoyed but not contribute to littering our waterways, rivers and oceans. 

Rochfort Customs are a surfboard making company from Cornwall and they use their excess resin, which would otherwise be disposed of to make resin jewellery, we thought this was a perfect opportunity to join forces and create some festival jewellery with all our donated glitter!

Chunky bracelets, rings and earrings - all totally handmade, upcycled one of a kind pieces which will shine and shimmer for years to come without having to wash any non-biodegradable glitter down the drain! Wear it again and again!