EcoStardust Unicorn Biodegradable Glitter Set

£30.00 GBP

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Sparkly Unicorns Assemble! - This is the set for you if you love the magic of our 4-legged friends.

With a selection of all standard, chunky, super chunky and ultra chunky in our soft pastel colours you can prance the night away looking fantastic. 

6 tins for the price of 5! A mixture of sizes so you can layer up to create your perfect look. Start with the smallest size and work up to the largest flakes on top.

Set includes 6 x 6g Tins

Ultra Chunky Turquoise
Ultra Chunky Silver
Super Chunky Turquoise
Super Chunky Champagne Pink
Chunky Violet


    Size - Mixed (More details on glitter grain sizes can be found here.)

    Shape - Hex

    Note - these sets can change from time to time! if you have ordered before and want an exact repeat of what you had before please get in touch.