Top tips on how to be eco at festivals

Top tips on how to be eco at festivals

Its that time of year again... Festival Season!! 

 At EcoStardust we are massive festival lovers and festival goers, we will be sparkling up faces at glitter bars at Womad and Beautiful Days this summer as well as heading to many others for fun. 

We are an Eco conscious company through and through, and we love going to festivals to spread the word about biodegradable glitter and our eco values. We think that you shouldn't have to compromise your values to enjoy yourself at festivals. So we wanted to share some of our top tips on how you can be more eco conscious whilst still having the best summer!!
  • Remember to bring your own water bottle, metal/wooden/enamel utensils and crockery. If you've not got one already, check out these ones from Raw Bottles - they're lightweight and even have a handy loop so you can attach it to your belt or bumbag when you're dancing!

  • Take your tent home with you!! - Yes, some get taken down and given to charity but only a tiny percentage. OR choose a pre-pitched option from companies like Camp Light who will do it for you! (UK)

    • Don’t bring wet wipes and other cosmetic items which can’t be recycled. Consider, soap bars, natural deodorants etc…

    • When planning how you'll get to and from your festival consider using public transport options or lift share.
    • Don’t buy single use festival fashion items such as plastic rain Macs which will just end up in landfill afterwards. Try and make your own outfits and salvage items from charity shops and thrift stores. Or support smaller local makers in your area (the catsuits in the picture are made by the fabulous BurntSoul girls)
    • Consider the environment around you, leave the natural environment the way you found it and take home any rubbish. Bring along a bin bag and set up a rubbish bag at your campsite to keep on top of the rubbish!

    • Don't drop your cigarette butts on the floor! Carry around a portable ashtray (basically a foil lined pouch that fits in your pocket) and collect them until you find a bin! The litter pickers who have to pick up EVERY SINGLE ONE will be very grateful :)

    • Bring your plastic festival cups from previous festivals - no use stashing them in the cupboard at home - the point is to re use them again and again. 
    • Swap your guilty glitter for Biodegradable Glitter! 




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