The hit list - our top 5 glittery make-up looks this Halloween.

Looking for some inspiration? We've got you.

Spooky season is here! We know that deciding on a look for Halloween can be a bit of mission. Especially if, like us, you want to recreate EVERYTHING you see.

So we’ve done a round up for you – five of our all-time favourite glitter Halloween make-up looks to give you all the spooky inspo.

Halloween is one of our favourite holidays and we love to see how people use our biodegradable BioGlitter® to create scary, glam, and gory looks. All of these creators are tagged below – go and check them out and show them the love!

1 - sparkly animal print glam with gold glitter

The enchanting @chloejanemua used Gold and Gold Digger to create this beautiful animal print look. We love how she used our bestselling gold BioGlitter® here.

We love how she alternates gold glitter stripes with face paint stripes, and shapes the whole look around her smokey cat eyes.

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Image of a model wearing a horn and white wig and pink body paint, dressed as a demon. Her lips are skin are covered in gold glitter.

2 - cosplay excellence with halloween glitter blend

Image shows a halloween cosplay of the joker using biodegradable bioglitter to finish off the make-up look.

A little like Joker, glitter likes to play by it’s own rules, so we think it’s a match made in heaven.

You can’t go wrong with a cosplay, and these guys certainly didn’t miss a beat. Credit to creative dream team @rebeccarosemua and @luiscruzphotos using our Halloween glitter set for this incredible look.

Glitter on the eyelids is a failsafe way to add glitter to your look this spooky season.

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3 - unicorn dream with a full spectrum of colours

If you can't decide on one colour scheme, why not go for ALL the colours!

The lovely @jennajazzmua uses a mix of silvers, pinks, purples and blues to create this epic unicorn look. 

Expertly snapped by

Browse our Halloween blends here.

A scary halloween split face look. Makeup gives the illusion of a face splitting open to reveal a green ghoul, and is using green bioglitter.

4 - a little wicked with witchy glitter blend

A green halloween makeup look inspired by Elphaba from wicked. Model has green face paint topped off with green and purple bioglitter.

No such thing as too much green on Halloween. Especially when your glitter is eco-friendly and biodegradable - you're doubly green!

The incredible @rebeccarosemua showing us how to defy gravity in style with glitter on the head, the eyes, and the lips – the trifecta.

She used Wicked from our Spooky Sparkles glitter set, shop the trio here.

5 - classic clown with our glam gore set

More is MORE.

We can’t get enough of this glitter explosion creepy clown makeup look. @chloejanemua is giving us “clown had an accident with an eco-glitter bomb”, and we’re obsessed.

When in doubt, BioGlitter® everywhere is always a winner in our eyes.

Chloe used our Glam Gore glitter set for this look, shop it here.

A scary clown halloween makeup look with wide eyes and glitter covering the face

Which is your favourite, will you be recreating any of these glitter looks this Halloween?

If you're going glittery, be sure to keep it earth-friendly and get your glitter from a reputable BioGlitter® seller. Find out more about EcoStardust's plant-based biodegradable glitter here!