New Nail Edit Launch!

New Nail Edit Launch!

From 6pm Monday 14th January we're launching 26 new blends!

These signature blends are made with manicures and make up in mind, as they're primarily made of smaller flakes. These can be used as eye shadows, highlighter, or for intricate glitter work in face or body painting. 

We have a rainbow of fine glitters - using fine and ultra fine flakes - mean they can used on smaller areas for more precise and detailed looks. 

Then we have 16 blends, ranging from a sexy black and gold Deco, to a popping Phoenix which includes chunky gold with flecks of blue and red to give them impression of holographic glitter (which doesn't yet exist yet as biodegradable glitter)

Here's a close up of Petrol - Blue, Berry and Emerald.

An exciting part of this project was working with Gossip Nail Bar in Old Market, Bristol. We've always been a big fan of Emily, and her side kick Pixie who do the best nails in Bristol - possibly the UK, maybe even the world... we'll let you know when we've tried them all. We had a jam packed day of painting, polishing and posing and got some awesome shots for the collection. 

We'll be running a competition on instagram to win all the colours! - yes, 26 tins of EcoStardust Biodegradable glitter. Just head to our instagram page, we should be launching it on Tuesday 15th January. 


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