Drowning in plastic

Drowning in plastic

Halloween is so much fun here at EcoStardust HQ - and one of the coolest things to do was working on this stop motion film with one of our mega talented glitter artists - Emma Allen

We worked together to come up with a narrative which told the story of the glittery eucalyptus plant bring life back to our skull which was being swamped in plastic.

It ends, well - you can see for yourself, with a stunning glittery blue, sugar skull with all sorts of beautiful fish, shells and starfish moving around. 

We've all seen the heart breaking pictures of all sorts of fish, birds, whales and other wildlife drowning in plastic*, and it's tragic but we, at EcoStardust, want to do something about it.

We set up EcoStardust to raise awareness of environmental issues, through selling bioglitter as an alternative to conventional plastic glitter. Not only are we encouraging people to make the switch to a more environmentally friendly product but with every pot we sell we give 10% of our profits to charity - at the moment we're proud to support Surfers Against Sewage and City to Sea. If you know of any groups or charities doing awesome work in this sector please get in touch and tell us about them. 

You can also do something about it by switching to Bioglitter instead of traditional glitter this Halloween. 


Big thanks to Emma, Jay Enticknap (Filming and Editing) and Anna Lisa who patiently modelled for us!

*This program is well worth a watch for everyone, whether you're an eco-warrior or not, it really highlights the epic plastic problem we're facing at the moment. Tissues at the ready...


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