Blue Patch sustainable store

Blue Patch sustainable store

Blue Patch is a collective of eco-minded British businesses ranging from ethical jewellery, beautifully tailored clothing, hand-crafted furniture, organic beauty products and freshly harvested foods.

This Month they have hand selected some of their finest products, including EcoStardust Glitter & balm to be showcased in a sustainable department store pop up at the Whitworth Gallery in Manchester. 

Shoppers will be able to see and buy products rarely available in high street stores, making this a unique experience. We are very excited that Blue patch will be stocking ten of our most popular blends, including our party season range. 

Other brands being sold alongside EcoStardust include Hellion Toys, Fleetwood Fox mats and rugs, Eve Kekeh baby clothes and many more! 

The Whitworth gallery describes itself as historic and contemporary, academic and playful. Founded in 1889, as the first English Gallery in a park the gallery now includes an art garden, sculpture terrace and orchard garden, alongside new spaces that embrace the park, such as their landscape gallery, learning studio and the café in the trees.

If you're interested in seeing our products in the flesh or live locally and want to stop by for a shop, the shop is open from Tuesday 12 March to Sunday 31 March 2019 during gallery opening hours.




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    Katie Tinker: October 10, 2019

    What a great idea, so sad I missed it. Does anyone know if it will happen again in Manchester in the future?

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