All about our packaging

All about our packaging

Here at EcoStardust we're big eco warriors (Its in the name). Environmental issues and sustainability are very important to us as individuals and as a business and we believe that every business has a responsibility to do 'their bit' for the planet. 

Our mission is to promote joy and happiness through our vibrant and high quality products whilst raising awareness of environmental issues and giving back to the world. We balance people, product and planet to ensure we serve all three.

We want to live by our values and are working to limit our impact on the environment in everything that we do. This includes, among other things, our packaging.


Our biodegradable glitter is packaged in two ways. Firstly in aluminium tins. The tins come with a PET film in the lid which can be popped out and recycled but the best option is to re-use your tin. We use these plastic films as we stock to retail and customers need to be able to see the product inside the tin. However we are working on ways to replace the plastic film and its next on our list of eliminating packaging waste! 

We chose aluminium for our tins as its lightweight and more likely to be recycled as its a higher value material compared to its counterpart glass, which in comparison is less environmentally friendly. Glass is also heavier to carry and post and prone to breakages, which makes it less festival friendly. 

The second way our glitter is packaged is in biodegradable bags. These are used for samples and glitter refills so that you can re-use your tins. For all of our labels, we recycle our wax paper label backs or give the label waste to a craft scrap store for schools.

Our boxes are all made from recycled card and our packing envelopes and boxes are all recyclable and any raw material in them is sourced from FSC certified forests. Our tins and brushes now come to us with no plastic waste and are packaged solely in paper/card from the factory straight to our glitter HQ.

We're super proud of our environmental choices that we've already made and are constantly striving to do better and cut back/ find alternatives where we can that are kinder to the planet. Its important to make these changes (as small as they might seem) as they create bigger waves, encouraging others to continue the eco mission!


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