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About EcoStardust Glitters

About the different EcoStardust Glitter Ranges

EcoStardust Shine Biodegradable Glitter

How long does EcoStardust Shine Biodegradable Glitter take to biodegrade?

What is EcoStardust Shine biodegradable glitter made from?

How is EcoStardust Shine made?

What are the ingredients for EcoStardust Shine Biodegradable Glitter?

Is EcoStardust Shine 100% biodegradable?

Is EcoStardust Shine plastic free?

EcoStardust Pure Biodegradable Glitter

How long does EcoStardust Pure Biodegradable Glitter take to biodegrade?

How come EcoStardust Pure Biodegradable Glitter isn't vegan, like Shine?

What are the Ingredients for EcoStardust Pure Biodegradable Glitter?

Is EcoStardust Pure plastic free?

General Biodegradable Glitter Questions

Will my Bioglitter® dissolve in drinking water?

Is Bioglitter® edible?

Will my glitter biodegrade before i've used it?

What's the difference between EcoStardust Bioglitter® and conventional glitter?

What can I use EcoStardust Biodegradable Glitter for?

Can I use EcoStardust in Wax Melts?

Can I use EcoStardust Bioglitter® in bath products and soaps?

What are the differences between EcoStardust Pure and EcoStardust Shine?

Is Biodegradable Glitter safe for animals?

Is Biodegradable Glitter tested on animals?

How should I store my Bioglitter® to stop it biodegrading?

Is Biodegradable Glitter as good as traditional (plastic based) glitter?

Does Biodegradable Glitter come in different shapes?

Can you get Holographic Biodegradable Glitter?

Is EcoStardust Glitter 100% Plastic free?

Can EcoStardust Biodegradable Glitter be used for candles and wax melts?


Delivery Times

How long will my order take to arrive? (UK)

How long with my order take to arrive? (Outside UK)


What happens if my order is returned to you?

When do you ship orders?

What will my order look like?

Application and Removal

Skin Discolouration

Why has my skin turned blue?

How to apply Bioglitter®

What can I use to apply Bioglitter®?

How do I apply Bioglitter® to nails?

Can Biodegradable Glitter be used around the eyes?


I don't know where to start! What shall I order?!

How much glitter per person?

What are the best selling blends?

I'm ordering for a big group event (wedding/party etc) - what do you recommend?

EcoStardust Packaging

Tins and Boxes

Why is there a plastic window in my tin?

What do I do with my tin after i've used it?